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Crab Island Then

Crab Island Today 

Crab Island 

Crab Island is a sandbar in the Destin Harbor. It ranges from 2-5 ft of water, and is perfect to relax or play in! Our boat is equipped with snorkel gear, floats, paddle boards, and more for the perfect day on the water. 

There are ice cream and food vendors that go around crab island, so make sure to bring cash or credit cards! There is Reef Burger, BBQ, Pizza, and more just a short walk from the boat. 

You can also find hermit crabs and blue crabs hanging out at crab island. We will on occasion see dolphins, sting rays, and other various sea life passing through. 

Our boat ride is about 45 minutes from Baytowne to Crab Island in a fully covered vessel for comfort. 

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